Cardfight!! Vanguard Divinez - Festival Booster 2024 (SS01) Booster Display Box



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Festival Booster makes a return this year as well!!
Featuring new nationless order cards and new nationless over trigger units!!
What's more, special reprints of PR cards for various decks will be included!!
Featured Nations: Dragon Empire, Dark States, Brandt Gate, Keter Sanctuary, Stoicheia
Product Details
1 pack contains 3 random cards
1 display contains 10 packs
Each pack is guaranteed to include 1 foiled card!
51 types of cards [27 new cards, 24 reprints] (ORRR: 4 types / RRR: 11 types / RR: 12 types / C: 24 types) + Parallels + Special Reissues
Featuring 4 Types of ORRR!!
2 Types of New Nationless Order Cards!
2 Types of New Nationless Over Trigger Units!
Special Reprints of PR Cards!!