Black Library - Warhammer Adventures - Claws of The Genestealer (Paperback)

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Warped Galaxies Book 2

A crash landing puts Zelia Lor and her friends straight back into danger as they must contend with surviving on an ice world… and the small matter of a host of Genestealers.

Have you heard the phrase "Out of the frying pan, into the fire"? The young heroes have survived the Necrons, but now they face the claws and cunning of another alien enemy…

Having crash landed on a remote ice planet, Zelia Lor and her friends Talen, Mekki and the super-intelligent alien-ape Fleapit must do whatever they can to survive. A distress beacon offers some hope of rescue, but what else lurks in the ice and snow, watching them with hungry eyes…?

Written by Cavan Scott