Animal Adventures - Tooth & Paw

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Exclusive to Steamforged Games, get your paws on the limited edition miniatures for the Tooth and Paw adventure in the Gullet Cove sourcebook*.

In this 5e compatible set, you’ll find six highly detailed miniatures representing the characters from the adventure — Galert of Hexea, the Wereshark, the Cunning Man, and his 3 Goblin Nappers!

The Tooth and Paw adventure sees you drawn into a sinister kidnapping plot. Confront the conniving Cunning Man and his evil Goblin Nappers as you attempt to foil his villainous plot.

You’ll even take on a terrifying wereshark — an encounter not suitable for the faint of heart!

But don’t worry. You’re not alone out there. The powerful Galert of Hexea has volunteered to help you in your quest.

Bring Tooth and Paw to life with these exclusive miniatures, or use them in any tabletop roleplaying game. They’re 5e compatible and paintable, too.

*Sourcebook sold separately