Akora TCG - Grordhelm Uprising Booster Display Box



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Product Configuration: 10 cards per pack, 20 packs per box
Grordhelm Uprising, a realm torn apart by war, has an ancient secret ready to be uncovered.

This brand new core set from Akora TCG will provide players with new types of Akora; featuring brand new effects to truly take gameplay to the next level! After the exciting events of Afelium Unleashed, it is time to continue your journey in the world of Ikithia, Alchemist!
  • 18 NEW Akora Chains 
  • 18 Full Art Akora 
  • 18 Full Art Alchemy
  • 55 Holographic Akora/Alchemy Cards
  • 9 Textured Holo Relic Shards
  • 153 Mechanically Unique Cards
  • SERIALIZED Crystal Dia Box topper 
  • 18 Stage 1 EX Box Toppers
  • 36 Extended Art Akora
  • 1 Exclusive Manga Art Card Box Topper
  • 2 New Alternate Full Arts Serialized Cards
  • 2 Alternate Extended Art Serialized Cards
  • Ancient & Secret Rare Cards - Limited to 5 copies
Grordhelm Uprising is a dynamic new set that brings a plethora of new strategies to enhance the Akora TCG gameplay. An array of new Alchemy and Akora effects will see not just new tactics be formed but help support older decks and attributes to find a new foothold in the battle for supremacy. 

Grordhelm Uprising also features 2 brand new theme decks and theme deck exclusive chase cards to reward alchemists with beautiful and captivating playable cards that are sure to take your decks to the next level! Blister packs will provide the same chase odds and potential as normal booster packs but will come with an exclusive Grordhelm Uprising full-art promo card!