Akora TCG - Eternal Echoes Booster Display Box



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Product Configuration: 20 packs per box (10 cards per pack)
Inervia has served as the crucible for a momentous clash, harboring the brave Akora who rallied against Magna-Kages malevolent forces. As your journey transcends the borders of Ikithia and takes you to the Unclaimed Realms, take a moment to reflect on the historical tapestry that has been woven by the intricate fabric of Ikithias world. The adventures that lie ahead promise untold challenges and revelations, building upon the foundation of a rich history that continues to shape the destiny of all who traverse these lands. Eternal Echoes will feature a range of exciting new product offerings including booster boxes, theme decks, blister packs, playmats and more! As you journey back to the realm of Inervia, you will reunite with Akora and Alchemy from the past, some more recognizable than others; a lot has changed since you embarked on your travels. We are excited for you to return! Eternal Echoes will host the official rollout of our brand full art battlezones that will showcase beautiful renditions of the most important landmarks in Ikithia, a perfect combination to enhance the look of your decks or simply collect and enjoy! There are many more surprises in store, Alchemists! Welcome back! Each Booster Box contains 20 packs per box (10 cards per pack) along with an additional box topper and an exclusive promo! Packs include commons, uncommons, rares, as well as a chance to find extended arts, full arts, alternate arts, and more! As in previous sets, core set packs will continue to include 2 Relic Shards per pack, helping Alchemists to make sure they have the resources needed to build their decks.