G.I. Joe RPG - Factions in Action Vol.1 - Ferocious Fighters

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Prove You’re the Most Ferocious Force on the Battlefield!

Ferocious Fighters: Factions in Action Vol. 1 introduces seven new factions for the G.I.JOE Roleplaying Game: G.I. Joe’s Tiger Force, Anti-Venom Task Force, Dino Hunters, and Mega Marines teams, along with Cobra’s Python Patrol, Cobra-La, and Mega-Monsters!

Each faction comes with new mechanics, advice for GMs on creating faction-specific stories, and specialized faction equipment. Play wild stories, such as raiding Cobra’s hidden Python Temple or spreading the glory of Cobra-La.

Major Factions: 2-Tiger Force and Python Patrol
Minor Factions: 5-Anti-Venom Task Force, Cobra-La, Dino-Hunters, MegaMarines, Mega Monsters
27 new threats
10 new Vehicles
7 new influences, 1 new Origin, and 2 new Role Focus Options (Ranger:Peacekeeper and Infantry: Force Recon)
Factions are teams with special missions, requirements, bonuses, and gear. They’re a great way to tell stories with a tighter focus or specific goal.