Cardfight!! Vanguard Divinez - Premium Deckset - Jewel Knight



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3 playable decksets for Premium have arrived! Fighters can take part in the Premium format immediately with these decks!
With "Leading Jewel Knight, Salome", "Revenger, Raging Form Dragon", and "White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia" at the forefront, only normal units with "Jewel Knight", "Revenger" and "Musketeer" in their card names are reprinted for these decksets!
Various trigger cards that can't be missed for a Premium format deck are also reprinted!
What's more, one Stride unit for each deckset will be updated in their reprint and powered up!
A pre-constructed deck and a deck holder will be enclosed in the short storage box!
These decks are only playable in the Premium format. They cannot be used in the Standard format.
Some of the cards reprinted in these decks can be used in the Standard and/or V-Premium formats.